Connectivity restoration by PTCL

For few days, internet connectivity has been facing quandary in some areas, for which Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) sources have confirmed the reason of underground fiber optic cable damage.

This submarine cable fault resist at a distance of 175km away from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and due to this unexpected cable damage, major portion of Pakistan as well as India (approximately 10 to 20 percent internet and other communication services) have faced connectivity issues and to tackle this connectivity drop, services have been temporarily shifted to SMEW3 and SMEW4.

Large string of PTCL customers have been tumult since Friday, 8th March-13 and have complains about slow browsing and downloading. Reporting this connectivity issue, some Pakistani websites and blogs alleged that they were facing trouble downloading torrents and condemned PTCL for blocking them but PTCL helpline confirmed the undersea cable damage issue which is the actual reason of slow browsing and problematic downloading.

The total internet bandwidth of PTCL is around 100 GBps but with the damage of undersea cable, PTCL lost 45 GBps of its bandwidth last Friday.

 With the development of systems, PTCL has started configuring Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) remotely from the server, instead of configuring it by a technician at customer’s premises. To make sure the smooth availability of bandwidth to all of its users, PTCL has decided to put a throttle on torrent’s download since torrent’s download would reduce the bandwidth available to internet surfers. Therefore this throttle resulting to reduce the download speed of torrents despite of fully blocking them and expectantly the limit will be lifted after the services are back to normal.

To overcome this setback, PTCL is taking desperate measures to restore the services as soon as possible and in this regard; PTCL has recently bespoke 30 GBps bandwidth from Malaysia Telekom until the undersea cable is repaired.

The Alcatel-Siemens ship has been assigned for the undersea cable repair task, it will be repaired as soon as possible PTCL is doing its best to surmount this crisis and to provide its customers for what they are paying for and what they deserve. 

3 thoughts on “Connectivity restoration by PTCL

  1. Obviously no one can blame PTCl, the underwater cable was severed and it is being repaired. I think PTCl`s effort should be appreciated and we should give them some benefit of the doubt. I think ppl jump to conclusions too soon.

  2. There has been an another cut in the underwater cable, near Alexandria, Egypt this time. Lets hope this time it gets fixed quickly. However, I do agree with the article, the fault does not lie where every one is thinking it does. We start cooking up conspiracies at our whim, lets show some patience and look forward to the resumption of normal service.

  3. But PTCL customer’s have right to say that PTCL shuld have alternate route so called redudent path for services availability.

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